Who Is Diakonos International?

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Diakonos (dee-ak'-on-os) - Greek origin for "One Who Serves."

The driving force behind the organization is the legacy of its pioneer, Wilfrid Longchamp. His dream was to help disenfranchised children in Haïti rise from profound and crippling poverty and become productive members of society. He also recognized that being deprived of an education and having the sense of security it can provide destitute children to move from destitution to productivity contributed to the cultural decline of the nation of Haïti. He recruited his sister, Martine Longchamp, and together they began to care for 12 children in their Port-au-Prince home. The siblings then founded Diakonos International, Inc., a Florida non-profit corporation in October 2008. Tragically, Wilfred was one of the estimated 200,000 victims who lost their lives in the 2010 earthquake, and his body was never found. With their home destroyed, Martine moved the children to their father’s house in Carrefour. In honor of her deceased brother, she started their children’s home: Kominoté Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos, which welcomed 50 orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children, all who have found refuge in this safe, loving, and stable home.

Giving Hope to Children in Haiti

There are so many opportunities to help bring hope to a child in Haiti:

Sponsor a child’s medical, food or school needs. Volunteer on a Service trip to do humanitarian work within Haiti. Visit the orphanage and bring love and attention to the children. Use your personal gifts and talents to fundraise for Diakonos International. Donate to our important causes – a new home for the children, a bus for school transportation, or help by donating construction materials to rebuild Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.


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