Next Generation Ambassador

The deadline has PASSED for 2017. Please apply only between May 1- June 30 to fill out your expression of interest!

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Diakonos International, Inc. runs a children’s home in Carrefour, Haiti (called Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou) where we are raising young children to be leaders of tomorrow. These third-world Haitian children have unfound strengths and passions but need avenues to explore and opportunities to grow their dreams. They especially need mentorship from students and young adults who can use their gifts and talents and channel their energy to positively impact and help Diakonos transform the lives of vulnerable and destitute children in Haiti.

Diakonos International, Inc. is seeking driven students and young adults (Millennials, ages 18-30) to be actively involved for a term of one (1) year as a Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador for Diakonos International, Inc.

A Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador should have a desire to be in a decision-making environment, with a background in leadership (Team Leader, President of a Club, Class President, National Honor Society) and public service (such as volunteer service in the community or a non-profit service provider, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or the military), and a passion to “give back” by helping impoverished and vulnerable children in Haiti become the leaders of tomorrow.

Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador Program Overview:

Four (4) projects must be completed during your year as a Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador:

– One “personal” fundraising project utilizing your personal gifts and talents; funds to be raised for a specific organizational project of your choice.
– One “support” project of an established Diakonos Fundraising event (such as February’s Black History Awareness month event in NYC or a fashion show – events vary yearly).
– A mission/sponsorship trip to Haiti where you will personally get to know the children of Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou. There are currently 3 annual mission trips to choose from.
– Organization of a “local drive” for needed supplies (such as tuna, shoes, kids clothes) to bring with you on your mission trip.

Additionally, the following requirements:

– Sponsorship of a specific child (only $35/month) during your reign as a Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador with the opportunity to get to know this child personally on a mission trip.
– On-going meetings with Diakonos Staff, Board Members and other Diakonos Next Generation (NGA) Ambassadors
– A end-of-year typed report highlighting accomplishments and lessons learned and tracking of volunteer hours
– A celebration event connecting the Ambassadors, Advisors, Staff and Board of Diakonos International, Inc.

What are the benefits of becoming a Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador?

– You will work closely with a non profit organization, faculty, staff and board member
– You will gain valuable leadership, communication and fundraising skills in a non-profit environment
– You will make meaningful connections and opportunities, broadening your networking circle
– You will have an opportunity to share your gifts and talents with children to inspire them
– You will enhance your personal (CV) resume for future opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a Next Generation (NGA) Ambassador or need further information, please click the link to fill out the online submission of interest by the published deadline, and we will send you further details of the application and selection process. Help impoverished and vulnerable children in Haiti become the leaders of tomorrow.

Click HERE and thanks for your interest!