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A New Orphanage

Donation : $3,262/ $3,00,000

We have the building plans, now we urgently need to raise $300,000.00 (three hundred thousand dollars) to rebuild Diakonos International’s children's home -  Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou. Seven years afte


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Nourishment for Life – Farming

Donation : / $3,000

Nourishment for Life - Farming

Hunger is prevalent problem for children in Haiti, and malnutrition hinders a child’s ability to focus and study. Children who experience hunger early on are more likely to perform poorly academically. Diakonos’ agriculture program will help feed the children of Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou (Our Small Community of Family) and other community children by planting and farming in Fond Des Negres. We are raising money for gardening supplies, 500 chickens and 5 goats to start. Won’t you help us feed a community of vulnerable and hungry children? See our PROJECTS page for more information.


Art Day Celebration – July 2017

Donation : / $6,000

Art Day Celebration (ADC)

It’s our favorite time of year again! Art Day Celebration (ADC) is an annual event that Diakonos uses to partner with other organizations, incorporating creative arts to bring healing and  to restore hope to vulnerable children by nurturing their creativity – using visual arts, theater, movement and music, and showcasing their artistry. We are in need of money for art supplies and are seeking volunteers on our July 2017 mission trip. This year, it will be held in the beautiful countryside of Fond Des Negres. Don’t miss this year’s event! Visit the ADC website for more details.

Become A Volunteer

Become A Volunteer

Volunteer your time on a service trip to Haiti. We have 3 annual mission trips that you can join us on! Planting The Seeds (May), Art Day Celebration (July), and Operation Back To School (Sept). Stay tuned for special trips that are also periodically announced!

Become A Next Generation Ambassador

Become A Next Generation Ambassador

College Students and Young Adults - want to get travel and see an immediate impact? Join our team of Next Generation Ambassadors. See our PROJECTS page for more info...

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is life-changing, and start at only $35/month to help cover cost of food and nutrition, education or medical needs. Three sponsors are needed for each child to be fully sponsored.


God could not have chosen a better time to provide what we have been asking for the last 9 years – TRANSPORTATION.

Thanks to our wonderful family at Valley Family Church who blessed Our Small Community with the most wonderful vehicle.

Because of this amazing blessing, we have been able to take our children to outings every other Sunday afternoon. The first Sunday we went to “Champs de Mars” to listen to music and have ice cream. Nick is now able to go to his medical appointments without stress of bad weather, and of course we are able to save money on food by shopping at the big street market in Port-au-Prince, and get other items such as charcoal from the South.

Our hearts are filled with emotions of gratitude and humility.


Christmas for any child is one of the most special times of the year. It is a season of love and sharing. It is a season that people go the extra mile to do extraordinary things for themselves like buying new clothes, shoes, bags etc.
The unfortunate part is that not everyone has the pleasure or joy to enjoy this festive season because of the circumstances they find themselves in.

We are hosting a holiday party entitled “Christmas Under the Stars” for our children at KTFN, and invite 30 orphans and children from distressed families an opportunity to join our Small Community of Family in Haiti as we celebrate the birth of Christ with gift sharing, delicious food and lots of goodies.

Can we count on you to help make this the best Christmas for some of the most vulnerable children in the Caribbean?



Chrismina is a beautiful little girl who joined our Small Community of Family in September of 2016. She is shy and loving. She is learning her colors and “abc” and is doing well.

Your sponsorship gives hope to our children. They thrive on knowing that they “belong” to someone. They will look for you every time a volunteer van arrives at the children’s home. They will call you “Manmi” or ‘Papi.” The hope that you bring to them as a sponsor is worth far more than the paper check you sign your name to every month.


Get Ready for 2018 Sponsor’s Trip to beautiful “BASIN BLEUE” in March of 2018. Make sure you SIGN UP today.

Christmas for any child is one of the most special times of the year. It is a season of love and sharing.

We’ve designed a special page for our child sponsors to gain exclusive access (using their email address) to receive exclusive updates on their sponsored child. A digital place to post special messages to each other, including photos, drawings, cards, and letters.


So many miracles happened last month at Our Small Community of Family in Haiti.

Despite hurricanes Irma and Maria disrupted our scheduled Back to School Service Trip, our relentless volunteers saw to it that the children from Our Small Community of Family we were equipped for their 2017-2017 school year. We give praise to God for Gina and Chris, volunteers from our faithful partner Airline Ambassadors, who came down after the hurricanes to bless our children. A day after they left, our very own Manmie Cindy and Manmie Anna made sure we had enough school supplies to bless those needy children of our community and topped off their trip with ice cream and cake for everyone. We all had a blast!

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