Sponsor A Child

A monthly donation of $35/month helps cover one third of the cost associated with paying for food, nutrition, and medical needs for one child. It currently takes $105/month to fully sponsor a child.

We currently have 18 at Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou (our children’s home) that need partial sponsorships. Once our new home is built, we hope to house 35 children total.

The teenagers/young adults that have grown up at Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou are not forced out of our home. Most of them are still attending school, and the sponsorship you provide for them will help them cover the cost of school and learning a professional trade. When they are ready, we encourage them to find a job to support themselves. They will either move out or continue using their skills to help out at the children’s home.

Sponsorship of a child at Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou is taken very seriously. If you decide you’d like to get sponsor a child, please keep in mind that we prefer you sponsor them long term, no less than 1 full year. Thank you for your monthly sponsorship or your one-time donation. We appreciate you.

Angelique was born in 2017, and is the most laid back, precious little girl. She is a very happy baby, and rarely cries unless she is hungry. She is starting to roll and crawl. She joined our Small Community of Family in May of 2017 and is such a bundle of joy.

Ms Betsy Boo was born in 2014, and fondly nick-named because she is the star of the show. Betsy loves to learn new songs and sing them over and over again. She’s a happy go lucky leader of the group. She joined Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou in October 2016.
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Rija was born in 2014, and came to us in January 2016, undernourished, but with a smile that will melt you. He is such a loving little boy and is quickly growing accustomed to  having brothers and sisters.
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Clodia was born in 2013, and has become quite the addition to Our Small Community of Family. She loves attention and is good at getting it; she’s quite the little diva and mischevous – and we love her for it!
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Addison was born in 2013 and was brought to our children’s home the summer of 2015 by his maternal grandparents who had been taking care of him since his mother died last year. He is a precious little guy and growing so fast.

Chrismina was born in 2012 and and came to Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou in 2016. We don’t know much about her background, but we believe she was abused extensively. In just a short time, ‘Mina is smiling, starting to trust everyone, and get used to the chaos of having brothers and sisters.
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Frantz was born in 2009. His mother was blind and dropped him off at the orphanage because she was unable to care for him. Shortly thereafter she died. Frantz is very affectionate and is becoming a leader of the pack.
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Kervensly, also fondly known as Nick, was born in 2009 and has the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen. We don’t know his past, but he is super sweet and smart, and a joy to have at the home.

Exavenson was born in 2008. His mother is deceased and his biological father abandoned him and his brother, Jensly. He is extremely studious and loves to play with trucks.
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Chestaline was born in 2005. No one seems to know much about her background except that her parents died and she was brought to us by an aunt living on the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince.
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Love-Danie was born in 2003 and is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She is an orphan who was brought to Our Small Community of Family by her aunt who was unable to care for her. Dani loves to read fashion magazines.
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Jensly was born in 2003. His mother passed away and his biological father abandoned him and his brother Exavenson. Jensley is a jokester, is really good at learning English and loves to play the drums. Sponsor Jensly Today!

Kerline was born in 2002. Her father died in the earthquake and her mother brought her and her brother Holken to us for fear they would starve to death because of inability to care for them. The mother passed recently passed away.
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Holken was born in 1997 and loves to speak English and work with his hands. His father died in the earthquake and his mother abandoned he and his sister, Kerline for fear they would starve to death. The mother recently passed away.
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Talande was born in 2002. Her mother and father are both alive but are not in a position to care for her and her brother, Angelo. They both have been with Diakonos International since 2008. Talande is a wonderful poet.
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Angelo was born in 1996 and loves painting and art. His mother and father are both alive but are not in a position to care for him and his sister Talande. They both have been in the founders care since 2008. He would like to someday become a computer engineer.
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Mirlande was born in 1996 and is the only child of her destitute single mother. She has been with us since the beginning. She loves to do the other girl’s hair and is interested in attending cosmetology school.
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Meseline was born in 1989 and has been part of Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou since its beginning. In December of 2014, she graduated from a nursing program and is currently continuing her education in pursuit of the RN licensing. She is our resident nurse.
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