Last month during our extended stay in Haiti, we distributed over 100 shoes from The Show That Grows to the children who live in Belo, a small village on the mountain top of Fonds-des Negres, located in the South of Haiti. Other recipients of the shoes also included the children of Sapotille Family Home in Port-au-Prince, and those from Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos in Carrefour.

We give God glory for another successful distribution which was the water filtration systems donated by Healing the Children. This distribution had such a positive impact on the villagers of Belo who were very happy to have an opportunity to drink clean and safe water.


This past March was an amazing month for Our Small Community of Family. We took another small step towards our corporate vision as we continue with the transformation of the children’s home which was both exhausting and exhilarating.

Thanks to our wonderful NGAs (Next Generation Ambassadors) who raised over $5,000, we were able to execute the following projects:

Project #1 – Re-roofing of the house

We now have a new roof with no more leaks. This was the main purpose of the NGA’s fundraising and it will contribute to our Godchildren’s safety.

Project #2 – Electrical rewiring of the whole house

Some of the walls were torn down and we rewired the entire house with new wires and we installed the Solar Powered Generator donated by Dr. Sabrina Tassy from St. Phillips Church and Schools. Now the children can do their homework after the sun goes down and, they can also enjoy having electricity on demand.

New Roof

Solar Panels

24-7 Electricity

Get Ready for our 6th Annual Art Day Celebration Program!

This year we will continue with the theme “Arts in Self-Development”.

On July 20th, 2017, ADC will be offering an outlet for underprivileged and vulnerable children to learn, express and apply creative practices to help enrich their hopes and dreams through 2 days of self-enriching art workshops.

Art Day Celebration is a collaborative art program of Diakonos International, developed to uplift, empower and nurture underprivileged children through the exploration of creative arts by providing them with access to quality artistic activities to include the visual arts, theater, movement, and music.

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Hooray, 2017 has started on a good foot for Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos which has been struggling with some difficult conditions and challenges. Thanks to some of our loyal supporters that believe in our work, we are already well under way this year with some very good projects such as, renovating our children’s home and building a chicken coop.


With the holidays over and life settling down, we are back on track with getting some important improvements made at Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos.

We left off last year with an event we dreamt of for years – paving the yard at our children’s home providing an adequate yard where our God-children can play safely and their health not be jeopardized by the dirt and flooding.

Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos

Poverty is the root cause behind most children in Haiti being placed in orphanages, and it robs them of their right to receive quality education.

God designed us to grow up and develop in a family not in an orphanage. Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou children’s home is more than an orphanage; it is a sanctuary where orphaned, abandoned and abused children have a feeling of belonging. Our Godchildren live in a loving family environment where they are showered with love and affection, and are being cultivated to develop into becoming the next generation of God-fearing and productive Haïtian citizens.

We are also blessed to have our children’s sponsors and the volunteers who we hope will continue with us in the good things this year has instore.


Mark your calendar for our next service trip on March 16th through the 20th.
The purpose of the trip is to continue with our rehabilitation efforts in Haiti.

The project includes home repairs and renovations at Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos, building a chicken coop, and distributing shoes in Fonds des Negres.

Shoe That Grows

To sign up go to the Volunteer tab on our site.

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This Christmas holiday the children of Our Small Community of Family felt super blessed. Starting with a party hosted by Hunger Relief International on December 19th and ending with a Christmas Eve’s party in Fonds des Negres which is located on the Southeast of Haiti. Thanks to our longtime friend and partner Roslyn Parker from Travel To Do Good who enlisted the help of Ellen Burton and Jana Warren, these ladies recruited their family and friends to each sponsor a child  from Our Small Community of Family and bless the child with a new outfit, new shoes, a toy and new pajamas. Thank you so much ladies and thank you to all the sponsors.

We also extend our gratitude to Ms. Anita McGruder, her network of friends and her organization, Simunye for allowing the children to experience the showers of the abundant blessings of God this holiday season. With their help and that of some of our faithful supporters, we were able to feed and distribute gifts to more than 60 destitute children and 25 adults in Fonds des Negres.



We are ever so grateful to God for our volunteers who are the heartbeat of our organization. We value the passion and energy they bring to ensure that the children of Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos have a sense of belonging to a large loving family.

First, thank you to James Weldon for helping improve the living conditions in the children’s home just in time for the holidays; Our faithful Godmothers, Cindy Sterling and Kaylin Silva who are always so instrumental in helping us bring joy to the children of Small Community of Family. This year they went out of their way to travel to the cold city of Chicago to collect and bring back gifts for the children. Special thanks to Maribel Sisney who graciously donated her 1 day off to come and help bring gifts to orphans and needy children in Haiti. And last but definitely not least, thanks to Yui Young, Martee Henri, and Isis Prince who have gone over and above to see to it that the children of Our Small Community of Family enjoyed and fun filled Christmas holiday.

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OCTOBER 2016 Newsletter

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, a very small team of volunteers traveled with us to Ayiti to bring humanitarian aid and help build a couple of shelter homes in two areas in the South of Ayiti affected by hurricane Mathew.

Using our gift bags from our 2016 Art Day Celebration event, we prepared 20 bags filled with a flashlight, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, adult and children cold medicine, antibiotics, sanitizer, dry milk, oatmeal, rice, beans, canned tuna, oil and spaghetti and distributed them to 20 families in Cazeau, a mountainside of a little town called Arniquet between Les Cayes and Port-Salut.

Thursday, October 20th – We traveled to Fonds des Negres and met Pastor Jean-Claude Laborde who assisted us in assessing who could we help. We identified a small shack whee an elderly man lived with his wife and 2 grandchildren. We purchased materials to include wood, aluminum tins, cement and sand to help them build a safe sheltered home.

On Friday October 21st –We got on the road to Les Cayes, and as we passed Cavaillon, a small village in Aquin we witnessed homes and businesses destroyed, crops lost due to flooding from a torrential rain the previous Thursday night.

Saturday and Sunday schedules were filled with early wake-up and having all hands on deck. We assisted Pastor Laborde and his church family clear out the water that flooded their church sanctuary, distributed the kits, along with clothes, shoes and stuffed animals to the 20 families.  We then purchased aluminum tins, wood, nails, cement and sand to help with the building of 1 sheltered home for a family of 4 whose makeshift shack was severely damaged by hurricane Mathew. We fixed the roof of 1 home of a family of 5, and provided materials to build a portion of the destroyed house of a blind man who lives with his wife, 2 children and 2 nephews.

We could not have done all this without you our wonderful supporters. So we thank you for your generous gestures of monetary and in-kind donations.

We thank you for trusting us with your resources. We feel confident that we used them wisely as the needs are great in Ayiti.

A special thank you to Angelo Cotanidis for helping us purchase some needed tools constructions, to Mr. and Mrs. Perry, Ms. Caldwell for your generous donation which helped 4 families we helped in construction will soon be living in a better home than what they had prior to Mathew. We will be going back sometime in November and December to visit the families we helped and see the finished properties. Hope you can join us the next time we go.

Please do not hardened your heart with your giving to help the downtrodden in Ayiti who have seen more of their share of misery in the last 3 decades. Thank you in advance, and may God multiply His blessings in your life and increase your resources as you faithfully give to those who are dear to His heart-those little children who are needy and poor.

Current News From Kominoté Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos

We thank God for all your prayers concerning our children in the face of hurricane Mathew. We are happy to report that they are all safe and that our home despite of existing challenges has remained intact after Mathew has done its ravage in the South of Haiti.

The kids have resumed their schooling and they are all happy.

Our newest Godchild, Christmina is so charming. Her and Rija have becoming best buddies as they are the only 2 remaining in the home when all the kids are off to school. A situation which will soon change as Christmina starts school in November.

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Catching Up With What Has Been Happening in the Last Few Months

The kids of Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos are back in school. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, volunteers, contributors, supporters, new and old, we were able to get them off to a great start for the 2016-2017 School year.

They are ready to tackle those books. Especially Ms. Clodia and Mr. Adison who are attending school for the first time. Watch Out Academic World, the new intellectuals have entered the scene!!!!


In May our children visited MUPANAH, the Haitian national museum and learned more about their history. On the same day, they also took a trip to Parc Leclerc where they got to see different national plants and flowers.

In June our family from Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo Michigan came to visit us and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their presence!

In July of course our annual Art Day Celebration was sensational!

In August we took the children to the country in Miragoine and had an awesome time. They climbed trees to pick fresh avocados, cherries and other fruits.


This year ADC will be conducting workshops in:
• Yoga & Meditation -its practices and benefitsadc yoga 2016


• Vision Boards Vision Boards – creation and meaning

• Poetry Writing Poetry – common stylesCreative Wring ADC 2016

Two days of pure fun and self-development will take place July 21st and 22nd at Centre Sportif de Carrefour in Carrefour, Haiti. The event will be open to 150 children from local orphanages and organizations, including Kominoté Ti Fanmi Nou de Diakonos
• FoodFood
• DJ/ Music
• Event custom T-shirt
• Goody bags
• Custom Yoga mats
• Custom Journals